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Lady Akasha

Cameras: 1080HD GoPro 7, 2.7K slow motion GoPro 7, VR360 GoPro Max

Models: 1:22 road, 1:72 town, 1:2000 city


Cameras: iPhone

Models: 11:72 town

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Custom clips are approximately £15 for every 5 minutes of video, plus the cost of any materials, costumes, shoes bought speficically for the video. Tiny cars are £1 each to destroy, and model houses £5 each to destroy. A model car, built and painted for the video, costs £40-50 each.

Videos are typically recorded within 7 days of payment, or within 7 days of the arrival of any items required for the video. The completed clips will be edited and uploaded to a cloud drive for you to access and download.