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Virtual Reality 360 Giantess Videos

Lady Akasha VR Giantess

Lady Akasha records giantess videos with several cameras, including a GoPro Max. You get to watch and experience the video as if you were in the tiny town or tiny city.

You can buy the videos to keep from Lady Akasha's clip store. If you join her patreon as a devoted or beloved member, you can download and keep the videos too.

The videos will play on a computer with VLC 3.0. If you have a compatible device, they will play on that too and give a more immersive experience.

The camera records at 5.7K and 30 frames per second which ensures amazing quality video. The stabilization works great too, so when Lady Akasha picks you (the camera) up, you can turn the video and look in any direction you like as she holds you high above the ground.


Take a look at some sample screen shots taken from videos on our VR Gallery.

Sample Video on YouTube

Sample VR Giantess Video

Sample VR Giantess Video